Creek ‘n Woods III

Here’s what Rachel wrote
“This is a phenomenal place and the owners are super nice and accommodating. Everything was sparkling clean, the beds were very comfy, and the whole feel of the place felt so homey and welcoming. I highly recommend this place. It’s not to far from some big cities, there’s all kinds of little things to do close by and the views are just out of this world. We WILL be back in the future!”

Creek ‘n Woods I

Here’s what Barbara wrote
“This was a great place to stay ! We loved it ! The kitchen was the best stocked cabin ever. And everything was so clean ! We enjoyed doing our grilling and fixing our meals so much we ended up not going out to eat at all . You could not ask for a better place to stay to relax and enjoy ,the deck lights were so pretty at night , the bench by the stream was a wonderful spot to sit and just relax and enjoy the beautiful stream . Our hosts were the best , so helpful in every way . We enjoyed the cookies, biscotti ,and coffee , so many little extras they provided we normally don’t find at cabins we’ve stayed at .”

Creek ‘n Woods III

Airbnb   Here’s what Sarah wrote “This was the cleanest and well stocked AirBNB that we’ve ever stayed. Traveling during COVID with a toddler has raised my awareness to how well a place is cleaned, and I didn’t feel like I needed to go behind and re-clean the place when we got there, it was spotless! The cabin was beautiful and had all the amenities it showed in the listing. Overall a wonderful trip to Maggie’s Valley and we hope to make this an annual trip with our son! Thank you Tom & Sue!”   Sarah’s private feedback for you: “Thank you again for being such fantastic hosts! We loved the cabin and the location to Asheville & the Great Smokies. Hope to be back sooner than later!”   Now that you’ve both written reviews, we’ve posted them to your Airbnb profiles.

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