Creek ‘n Woods II

Airbnb   Here’s what Daniel wrote “Tom and Sue provide terrific hosting, and I am hopeful to return to their cabin. The place was very clean and they both were great hosts and communicated very well, even meeting us there late at night after a long drive to walk us through the house to show us everything.”   Daniel’s private feedback for you: “It was a true pleasure meeting you and thank you for keeping up such a wonderful cabin. The hot tub and grill were absolutely great too! We appreciate you as a terrific host.”   Now that you’ve both written reviews, we’ve posted them to your Airbnb profiles.

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Creek ‘n Woods I

Here’s what Chris wrote
“What a wonderful place! The pictures just can’t do it justice. The creek sound was so soothing while in the hot tub. Everything was great, and Tom and Sue are wonderful hosts. We will definitely visit again!”
Chris’s private feedback for you:
“Thanks again for a wonderful stay. We will be back!”

Creek ‘n Woods III

Here’s what Taylor wrote
“Tom & Sue are delightful hosts! Very quick to communicate and answer any questions. The cabin is cozy and private. Absolutely loved the hot tub on the deck, felt like I was deeper in the mountains than I was. We also really enjoyed the movie selection they provide, had a fun time going through them. The spot is up a very steep zigzag road – we were fine in our sedan, but I could imagine you might have an issue if it snows or ices and you’re without AWD. On the flipside, the steep climb provided a great workout to walk around the neighborhood! I recommend walking around the golf course nearby, also a lovely space. All in all, great little getaway in the woods. Wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again!”