Creek ‘n Woods I

Here’s what Jonathan wrote
“Very spacious cabin. Lots of deck space for grilling right there next to a stream. Slept with the windows open and it sounded great. Cabin was furnished with everything we needed, even thoughtful touches such as cookies. Great experience, would come back again!”

Creek ‘n Woods II

  Here’s what Heather wrote “Beautiful large home with a comfy feel set on the top row of a mountainside. The privacy and view were so nice and relaxing. Our kids played in the creek in the backyard for hours. The lighted multi-level deck is amazingly beautiful at night. We had fresh baked cookies waiting for us as well as a birthday cake for our son. This couple has thought of everything with the “this and that” that’s available for use.”   Heather’s private feedback for you: “Thank you for letting us borrow your amazing home. We were so happy and comfy. We hope to stay again next year this time”   Now that you’ve both written reviews, we’ve posted them to your Airbnb profiles.

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